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Dr Helen Rees Bsc(hons) Podiatry, D.P

Dr Helen Rees Bsc(hons) Podiatry, D.P is a licensed New Brunswick Podiatrist. She graduated from the University of Southampton, England in June 2011 with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry. Helen has been in private practice for the past 7 years and is the sole proprietor of Atlantic Podiatry in New Brunswick, Canada. Dr Rees also works for Horizon Health as part of the High Risk Diabetes Foot Clinic Team. Being a valued member of this multidisciplinary team enables her to promote the role of podiatry whilst recognizing the importance all team members have in providing excellence in patient care. She has a special interest in treatment and management of the high-risk diabetic foot, but also enjoys the wide scope of Podiatric Medicine, enthusiastically delivering foot care to her patients. Dr Rees focuses on Evidence Based Medicine and applies current research to clinical practice. Best patient care is her focus and she invests in up to date innovative technology.

Dr Rees is a past President of the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine. She has also spoken at multiple conferences, most recently at the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) and the Wound Care Conference in Fredericton. She enjoys volunteering and fundraising with local charities and non-profit organisations in New Brunswick. In her spare time Helen enjoys taking on challenging hikes and exploring the country (Canada) she now calls home with her husband, son and dog (Barkley)!

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Dr. Helen Rees has many years of experience treating a wide variety of foot related problems in elderly, adults, adolescents and children.